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Honey Creek

Under Construction | 1,700 SF Residence | Lakeway TX

A high-performing yet small home perched on a ledge, the Honey Creek house opens toward the southeastern breezes and views down the valley. Net-positive energy and rainwater capture and reuse systems are formative to the design, allowing a growing family to live within the means their climate provides. Composed of "caves" and "treehouses", the home connects its residents to nature at every level. 

Residential Design Vol 3. May/Jun 2022

Residential Design Architecture Award "On the Boards" 2022

Pine House

Constructed 2019 | 1,890 SF Residence | San Antonio TX

Photography: Dror Baldinger FAIA

Contractor: Long House Builders


“This is a modest project that doesn’t look like it was confined by budget. Instead, the designer embraced the budget and said it’s not stopping me from doing things, I just have to be smart about how I do them”  

-Julie Eizenberg FAIA, AIA San Antonio Juror

AIA San Antonio 2022 Merit Award

"Bigger than Tiny, Smaller than Average", Sheri Koones 2022

TX Architect "Double Duty", Jul/Aug 2020

Boston Commons

Constructed 2021 | 9,950 SF Multi-Family | San Antonio TX

Design Architect: Cotton Estes Architect

Architect of Record: Assets & Architects
Photography: James Goulden & Scott Stephen Ball


Boston Commons supports diversity and socio-economic mobility by providing affordable housing and a third space for building community in the urban core. 

"I believe this where we have to go as a country in terms of creating affordable housing and communities..."
- Christiana Moss FAIA, Studio MA, AIA San Antonio Juror

Texas Society of Architects' Design Award, 2022

Texas Architect "Uncommon Courtesy" May/Jun 2022

AIA San Antonio "Unbuilt" Citation Award 2021 

Barrera House

Under Construction | 1,800 SF Residence | San Antonio TX

The Barrera House is located on a half-size lot within a historical district downtown. Despite it's compact footprint, the house feels expansive with views to the landscape, lap pool, and city beyond. The Barrera House is expected to be the first single-family home to achieve Build San Antonio's Green Platinum top level certification.