presa homes

2018 | 4,200 sf multi-family | san antonio, TX

"A rare example of speculative housing in which the spaces between buildings may be just as important as the buildings themselves... The houses and spaces between are carefully molded to provide an oasis of shaded courtyards, porches and skyline views within a bustling urban corridor" 

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The Presa houses are an oasis of indoor-outdoor living located off a busy street in the heart of downtown San Antonio. The developers of this project were interested in attracting young families and professionals to the downtown, offering a new model of urban infill which provides a variety of outdoor spaces.

Great care was taken in the early stages of design to preserve open space and four existing heritage trees on site, which offer invaluable shade and a sense of scale among the compact three-story buildings.

Level 1

Unit 3

Unit 2

Unit 1

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Local materials such as clay block masonry and stucco siding relate these houses to the low-rise industrial fabric of Presa Street while creating a unifying identity for the assembly of houses. Both materials are common to San Antonio and rely on local craftsmanship.

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Each house features bright, open living spaces with direct connections to intimate yards. Upper-level porches offer private outdoor arenas for entertaining and relaxation. 


Photography: Dror Baldinger FAIA, Jont Photography, Contractor: A to Z Construction, Developer & Interiors: MP2

Unit 1 Aerial View

Unit 1 Floor Plans                         LVL 1                                                                                                       LVL 2                                                                                                  LVL 3

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Unit 2 Aerial View

Unit 2 Floor Plans                   LVL 1                                                                                                       LVL 2                                                                                                     LVL 3

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Unit 3 Aerial View

Unit 3 Floor Plans            LVL 1                                                                        LVL 2                                                                             LVL 3

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