pine house

2019 | 1,800  sf residence |  san antonio tx


"By committing to do more with less, the owners, architect, and contractor were able to create a type of infill development that should serve as a model for others in San Antonio and beyond."
- Double Duty ,  Texas Architect 2022 

2020 | Texas Architect magazine, "Double Duty",  Brantley Hightower
2021 | San Antonio AIA Merit Award
2022 | "Bigger than Tiny, Smaller than Average" book by Sheri Koones

Photography: Dror Baldinger, FAIA   
Contractor: Long House Builders

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copyright cottonestes.JPG
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Porch trellises are engineered to modulate sunlight throughout the year. In the winter months when the Pecan trees are bare, slatted light enters the living spaces lending warmth to the interior. 

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Rough-sawn reverse board and batten siding offers a modern interpretation of a traditional cladding method. The reversal of the traditional batten placement improves the longevity of the boards by providing ample air circulation between the siding and sheathing.

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The bedrooms are modest and cheery with ample views and sunlight. A small art studio overlooks the backyard on the first floor, shown left.

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A Pecan countertop was fabricated by Ragnar Handcrafted Furniture, a local woodworking shop. A stainless steel dish  rack was integrated with custom open shelving design, allowing dishes to drain directly over the sink. 

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Press:  TX Architect Magazine  "Double Duty"  Jul/Aug 2020 by Brantley Hightower

                  "Bigger than Tiny, Smaller than Average" by Sheri Koones, Mar 2022

                   San Antonio AIA Merit Award, 2021

Photography: Dror Baldinger, FAIA   Contractor: Long House Builders

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