The Montana house is located in a transitional neighborhood within downtown San Antonio. The quiet exterior of the house gives way to an interior courtyard. At the heart of this house, the courtyard provides a private and lush environment for indoor-outdoor living and entertaining. 


The courtyard is defined by a series of parallel gable roof forms which are simple and affordable to construct. The convergence of these roof forms defines the circulation path throughout the house, stitching the courtyard to the interior. 

01-24-2109 Schematic Design_Page_4.jpg
01-24-2109 Schematic Design_Page_4.jpg

The client loved the sound of running water. A series of rainwater features weave through the house, culminating in an courtyard reflection pool. Rainwater gardens line the front and rear entries, helping to absorb rainwater and direct flow across the site.

PLAN 1 CL copy.png
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First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

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01-24-2109 Schematic Design_Page_3.jpg