honey creek farm

under construction | 2,300 sf residence | lakeway tx


Perched at the edge of a hilltop clearing, the Honey Creek house opens toward the southeastern breezes and views down the valley. Adopting a “do no harm” approach to the environment, net-positive energy  and rainwater re-use systems are integral to the design and to the daily experience of the home and site.

photography:   Dror Baldinger

contractor:   Long House Builders


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FINAL PLAN_ Siteplan.jpg

A restrained front entry forms acts as a threshold to the site, initially concealing and preserving the hilltop views beyond. By locating the house here, emphasis is placed on views across the landscape, and  the existing clearing is preserved for future cultivation.

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Changeable daylighting and views of nature connect residents to their surroundings and bring life to the simple interiors.

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