Elmendorf Lake is an exceptional natural area located in an undeserved district of San Antonio. The lakeside park has been recently improved, and is a prized recreational destination among locals. 

In collaboration with Stimson Studio for the City of San Antonio, the ecological master plan explores strategies for improving the ecological health of the lake while providing increased opportunities for local residents to engage in nature based education, appreciation and stewardship of the lake.

Landscape Architect:    Stimson Studio

Architect:    Cotton Estes Architect

Environ. Consultant:  SWCA

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Siting studies are underway for the location of a nature-science educational pavilion and boating facility. These structures will facilitate nature study and exploration while minimizing impact to the existing ecology and wildlife habitat. A successful pavilion will be one that benefits both humans and nature for many generations to come.

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Ecological and Edge Condition Studies, Stimson Studio:

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Preliminary Stakeholder Meeting: